Built in furniture

We use tools and techniques as old as carpentry alongside modern materials and technology with the simple ideal that fine craftsmanship, craftsmanship done for more than simply money, should be as affordable as possible.

We specialise in a small but perfectly formed range of classic designs for bedrooms and living rooms. These are decoratively panelled Victorian, plain panelled Shaker and flat fronted minimal which we make and hand paint in our workshop bespoke to your home and requirements.

From the initial enquiry, we will book a consultation with you to look, discuss and brainstorm your proposed plans - then it's onto the quotation. Should the quote be acceptable an invoice for a 40% deposit (balance on completion to your satisfaction) is raised. We then go away and produce manufacturing drawings and a cutting list which are used in our workshop to make to the mm exactly what you want. Once cut and made, the work is ready to be installed. Designs may be changed during the build if required, in order to achieve the perfect finish.

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